Who we are:

Our cidery is located in the rolling hills of Stearns County, USA. In the morning you can watch the sun come up over the north bay of Byer Lake, a few hundred feet out the back door. The cidery is a cozy place with high ceilings and whitewashed walls. Around pressing time, the place bursts at its seams as apples, people and equipment pour out around it. We like to keep it really clean and simple. There is always a half-empty canning jar around for tasting. The tasting jar is the most important piece of equipment we have, far surpassing our most advanced vessels, sensors or pumps.

At the cidery we have really cold winters and sandy loam soils. There is not a single piece of flat ground on the place. The land will soon produce cider apples which we'll blend with the absolutely outstanding supply we get from select growers in Minnesota, Michigan and California, but for right now, we graft and wait. Producing high-quality cider apples, many of which are uncommon or heirloom varieties with unruly growing habits, inconsistent yields and marginal hardiness, is very difficult. It is, however, where we believe good cider starts and ends.

Milk and Honey is Aaron Klocker, Adam Theis and Peter Gillitzer.

Aaron is the press hound and engineer of the group. Straight from the aviation world, he flies the hydraulic pumps and keeps us calm. Aaron has attended cider and perry making classes in Washington State, and holds a certificate from the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) on the appreciation of cider and perry.

Adam is our beverage process and control specialist and resident craftsman. He graduated from the Siebel Institute of Technology & World Brewing Academy with loads of experience in the brewery world and meticulously cleans all of our stainless. And then re-cleans it.

Peter does the paperwork and business stuff and then unwinds on the grinder. He comes from the agricultural industry and manages the physical plant. Peter has also received training in the cider and perry world. He attended classes taught by the renowned Peter Mitchell and is well versed in all cider and perry making practices.  

If you visit us, you will meet the family, as this is truly a collective venture. Watch for dogs and children underfoot.

A Special Thanks:

We all strive to be great, working as hard as we can with the expectation of creating something for ourselves, inevitably facing an uncertain future while hoping to realize a young and foolish dream. We've tried and failed, and tried with success. To say we've achieved our successes alone would not be humble.

We three would be nothing without the support from our wives, families, and friends who are the actual heart of Milk & Honey. The help and support we've experienced is beyond anything we ever thought possible. From pressing to grafting, the people we've encountered along the way have all been a part in the growth of our venture. To friends and loved ones, colleagues and teachers, here or lost, you know who you are. We hope one day a favor is returned worthy enough to compliment your support.


For inquiries about products and sales, please contact our Account Manager - Kirstin Westby.




Kirstin - 952.215.1010

For any other inquiries please contact us morning, noon, or night; call, text, or email. 




Aaron - 320.492.1788

Adam - 320.309.2324

Peter - 320.774.8739