THE GOOD OLD DAYS...not in trade

DEEPCUTS: Rite of Spring

The Rite of Spring is a limited release blend of three distinct meant to celebrate the end of our long, gray un-winter. The backbone of the blend is the mellow, clean Northern Spy applevariety from our 2014 harvest. We layered in ice cider from our2015 harvest to bring in a touch of sweetness, heat and floral aroma. To round out the experience Dabinett bittersweet apples provides a tannic bite. Rite of Spring is a lot of everything: aroma, sweetness and heat. Enjoy on sunny spring days and let the apples shine.

KINGSTON CUVÉE  |  2015 Harvest

The famous prima donna bittersharp, Kingston Black, coupled with Dabinett and Wickson, produces a highly interesting, off dry, tannic cider.  Expect deep straw colors, lasting bitterness and notes of anise and wormwood.

GRAND CRU  |  2015 Harvest

English cider standbys Yarlington Mill and Dabinett, are blended with the sharp Wickson crab, to produce a quaffable cider with deep herbal notes and a satisfying mouth feel. Served lightly effervescent.

CIDER OF THE WOODS  |  2014 Harvest

Cellared nearly 18 months, Ashton Bitter, Major and Crimson Gold form the backbone of this blend. A ripe apple nose compliment by hints of apricot, black tea and cream. Served bone dry.

HEIRLOOM  |  2014 Harvest

A semi-dry cider made from American Heirloom and Cider Apples. Our cider from the 2014 harvest is a menagerie of long-forgotten and uncommon apples such as Calville Blanc d’ Hiver, Arkansas Black, Winesap, Russet Beauty, Crimson Gold and Ashton Bitter to name a few. It’s a highly aromatic cider. Expect floral, herbal, fruity esters, honey, and spices. It balances sharpness with subtle tannin and a mellow sweetness for a pleasant finish.

HEIRLOOM  |  2013 Harvest

Our cider from the 2013 harvest was a blend of nearly 80 different cultivars with an emphasis Arkansas Black, Winesap, Newtown Pippin, Crimson Gold, and Chestnut Crab. The strong floral aromatics and sharpness made it an unforgettable inaugural release for Milk and Honey.