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Now Available

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The bagnum!

This new eco-pack is an easy way to travel with cider.

Meet Milk & Honey's Golden Russet our first single varietal cider in a convenient package.

This lavish fruit bomb reveals a myriad of tropical fruit that evolves over the span of a single glass. Dry, still (not carbonated), & 9.8% ABV.

Available for a limited time only.

Where will you take your Bagnum?

Tag us and let us know! @milkandhoneyciders


Thanks to our friends at Alpenfire Cider for introducing Milk & Honey and Farnum Hill to a new way to take cider anywhere.

Although not available at your local liquor store, Farnum Hill Ciders and Alpenfire Cider have shipping available. 

Please visit their website for more information. 


Milk & Honey Ciders produces fine American cider from heirloom and traditional cider apple cultivars. Our farmhouse cidery and orchard focuses on interesting, dry, highly aromatic and tannic ciders made in the rolling hills of Stearns County with minimal intervention. Let the apples shine. 

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Currently In Trade:

+ Heirloom | 2017 Harvest

Expect a wide range of aromatics: fruity, floral, citrus, honey, and spices. The palette balances sharpness with soft tannin and a subtle sweetness. 6.9% abv

+ Fauna | 2017 Harvest

Inside you will fnd an elite group of apples capable of a truly great cider. Tannic apples for depth and body. Sharps for a bright and fruity-vinous character. Interesting heirlooms for aromatics. 6.9% abv

+ Flora | 2018 Harvest

Golden Russet apples contribute bold fruity and floral notes, while Kingston Black apples provide bright acidity and tannic body. Dry, tannic and acidic with notes of tropical fruit and clove. 6.9% abv

+ Rose | Deepcuts 2018 Harvest

The base of Winesap has notes of citrus, leathery port, and candy purple grape skins. We then added dried Hibiscus flowers, rose hips, and orange peel for a beauitul color and interesting aromatics. Unique yeast add complexity. As always it is semi-dry and lightly effervescent. 6.7% abv

+ Deepcuts: Dabinett | 2018 Harvest*

This single varietal is dry and tannic with low acidity due to malolactic fermentation. *Taproom only

+ Deepcuts: Estate | 2018 Harvest*

A well balanced cider with notes of fruit, bubble gum and spieces. Acidic with layered textures. Naturally fermented by the indigenous yeasts of our backwoods orchard.

If you don't see your favorite liquor store or watering hole listed? No worries, you can let us know by sending us a request! 

Due to the nature of the business we can not guarantee that our cider will be in-stock, if you have your heart set on drinking Milk and Honey, be sure to call the establishment first!





Thursday 4-10

Friday 12-10

Saturday 12-10

Sunday 12-6


11738 County Road 51

St. Joseph, MN, 56374





We've spent our past days tucked away in the Stearns County wilderness, We'd tell people venturing to meet us, "If you think you're lost, you're probably going the right way." Our reclusive ways have come to an end, our new facility has room to stretch, white walls, and a place for visitors just north of St. Joseph, Minnesota. Our new home gives us what we need to be creative cider makers, but most importantly, being together with the community. Please stop by and see us. Watch for dogs and children underfoot.

We are open all year with each season bringing its unique qualities to the taproom. Winter is cozy, perfect for playing games and sipping cider.  As the ground begins to thaw every spring, come enjoy our 2 spacious patios while you watch our orchard take shape. During the summer when the days are hot, our cider is crisp and refreshing while our covered patio will keep you cool. Fall is full of anticipation as we wait for the harvest and the beginning of pressing season. 

Our Founders

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Aaron Klocker

Aaron is the press hound and engineer of the group. Straight from the aviation world, he flies the hydraulic pumps and keeps us calm. Aaron has attended cider and perry making classes in Washington State, and holds a certificate from the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) on the appreciation of cider and perry

Adam Theis

Adam is our beverage process and control specialist and resident craftsman. He graduated from the Siebel Institute of Technology & World Brewing Academy with loads of experience in the brewery world and meticulously cleans all of our stainless. And then re-cleans it.

Peter Gillitzer

Peter does the paperwork and business stuff and then unwinds on the grinder. He comes from the agricultural industry and manages the physical plant. Peter has also received training in the cider and perry world. He attended classes taught by the renowned Peter Mitchell and is well versed in all cider and perry making practices.  

A Special Thanks:

We  would be nothing without the support from our families, friends, and staff who are the actual heart of Milk & Honey. The help and support we've experienced is beyond anything we ever thought possible. From pressing to grafting, the people we've encountered along the way have all been a part in the growth of our venture. To friends and loved ones, colleagues and teachers, here or lost, you know who you are. We hope one day a favor is returned worthy enough to compliment your support.

Contact Us:

For inquiries about products and sales, please contact our Wholesale Director - Kirstin Westby.



Kirstin - 952.215.1010

For taproom inquiries or to schedule an event, please contact our taproom managers - Stacey Titus or Casey Vanek.



Taproom - 320.271.3111

For any other inquiries please contact us morning, noon, or night; call, text, or email. 



Aaron - 320.492.1788

Adam - 320.309.2324

Peter - 320.774.8739