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Our cider starts with long-forgotten and uncommon apples such as Newtown Pippen, Northern Spy, Winesap, and a variety of Russets and Crabs. The apples are cold-stored until pressing time, then double washed and ground into pomace. The pomace is immediately pressed with a traditional rack and cloth press. Although this method is more labor intensive, it produces a ‘cleaner’ filtered juice while retaining a high yield.

Before fermentation, we measure sugar levels and acid concentration, among other parameters, to ensure the proper conditions for a clean fermentation. 

We strive for a cooler, gently-rolling fermentation. This helps protect the aromatics and other delicate esters of our particular apple varieties. Within a few weeks, the fermentation is complete and the cider is dry. We rapidly cool the cider to allow the yeast to drop out and rack off the good stuff for cellaring.

We cellar our cider for 4-9 months, patiently waiting, allowing it to mature and clear naturally without filtration. Throughout this process the cider changes, sometimes noticeably within a few days time, and tasting is very important. When we're happy with the results, we'll blend to find a balance of acidity, body, and 'interesting'. We serve our cider lightly carbonated and dry to semi-dry.

Our cider is best served at a cellar temp of 50° F. We encourage our cider to be served in a bulbed glass to promote aromatics.